Saturday, August 22, 2009

GoldVish SA's Le Million - Most Expensive Mobile In The World

Guinness World Records certified GoldVish SA’s ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique on
January 29th, 2008. The Geneva-based luxury communications company’s expensive
mobile phone was designed by Emmanuel Gueit as an addition to the Illusion
Collection. The phone is made of 18k white gold and set with 20 carats of VVS1
(only microscopically flawed) diamonds. The phone also features Bluetooth, 2 GB
of storage, FM radio, a digital camera and MP3 playback.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hoshi Ryokan - The Oldest Hotel In The World

Hoshi is a ryokan (Japanese traditional inn) in the Awazu Onsen area of Komatsu,
in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 717, it is the world's oldest hotel still in
operation according to the Guinness World Records and the world's oldest continuously operating company after the liquidation of Kongo Gumi in 2006.

The Ryokan has evolved through the centuries. Today, it offers100 rooms and can
accommodate up to 450 guests. A new guest, on arrival, is garbed in a "Yukata", the Japanese
traditional cotton kimono. The hotel boasts of forty-six generations of owners.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rick Murray - The Zombie Boy

Rick is turning himself into a zombie. So far, more than 24 hours of tattoos –
costing over £4,075 Canadian – have got him halfway there and made him a minor
celebrity on the internet, where people can’t decide if he’s a body modification
visionary or mentally ill sick.

When he was a kid he was a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and he
wanted to be a ninja turtle and live in the sewers. But as he got older he fell
in love with zombies and wanted to become one. The closest thing he could get to
becoming a zombie was to get tattooed like one. He see his tattoos as
celebrating the art of obscenity and the macabre.

He thought long and hard about what he really wanted, what his passion was. And
he decided he wanted to be a zombie. His first big move was getting his hands
outlined as skeleton print. They say that once he get his hands tattooed it’s
harder to find a job.

He expected some portions of his tattoos to look more bloody and gory. Probably
because he got an overactive imagination and he’d never be satisfied with the
results. His friends think it’s cool. It’s punk rock..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Man Marries A Dog

An Indian farmer has married his dog in a bid to overcome what he believes is a curse caused by him having stoned to death two mating dogs in his rice field, press reports said.

The 34-year-old farmer, identified as Selvakumar from Sivaganga district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, fell on bad fortune 15 years ago after killing the dogs and hanging their carcasses from a tree. A few days later, his hearing and speech were impaired and he was unable to walk.

Doctors were clueless, but an astrologer finally told him he was cursed by the spirits of the dogs he had killed. He could undo the curse only if he married a dog and live with it, the soothsayer said. After a long search for a 'suitable bride', Selvakumar managed to get a four-year-old mongrel bitch from a friend and had a fully-fledged Hindu wedding in front of villagers and elders on Sunday, eyewitnesses said.

The canine bride, named Selvi, was adorned in a sari and flowers and brought to the temple by village women. A Hindu priest conducted the ceremony. The reports, however, said Selvi the dog attempted to make a run for it -- apparently due to the large crowds -- but was eventually tracked down and returned to her new 'husband'.

"The dog is only for lifting the curse and after that, he plans to get a real bride," a friend of the groom said.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can You Bite Your Nose ??

Can You Bite Your Nose ?
NO ???
But There Is Someone Who Can...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buddha Boy - People Say Him Reincarnation Of The Buddha

Born 150 miles away from the birthplace of Buddha..
He has vowed to meditate for 6 years..
May 16 2005, he began meditation in jungles of Nepal..
And he is still there to this day..

Praise to Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani (otherwise known as Palden Dorje, Tamang Tulku Rimpoche or Ram Bahadur Bomjon) who is now in his third year of meditation in the jungle of Bara District in Nepal.The blessed Guru was born on the 9th of April, 1990 in the village of Ratanpuri, Bara District not far from Lumbini, the birthplace of the great Buddha Shakyamuni.
He was born a Tamang, descendant of the Tamang Lamas who were renowned for their ability to go for long periods without food while receiving their prana through the practice of meditation. He often seemed to be lost in thought and spoke little. Whenever someone spoke to him, he would reply with a smile and would treat people of all ages equally.

He took his studies seriously and rarely played with other children, choosing instead to remain alone. Guru refused to fight, and was always calm. He spent his time reading scriptures, meditating and worshipping the pipal tree which seemed to bring him joy. Seeing this behavior, Guru’s father sent him to study the scriptures of Lama Chhyoi with Samden Lama in their village. After that Guru decided to embrace a religious life. He was taken to be educated by Som Bahadur Lama who lived at Sudha.

Here it was that Guru became ill, and was unable to move his lower body. Distressed, his teachers sent him home to recover. During this time, Guru implored his family not to sacrifice any animals or take any alcohol otherwise further complications would arise. He got better, but was still limping when he disappeared from his home the night of May 16, 2005.

Meditation Begins

This was a first place where he start his meditation

Then Guru, sitting in a meditative posture seemed to go into a trance. He began to ask himself questions and answer them out loud. The other villagers came and told Guru to stop being silly and come home. They feared he must be ill or crazy. When Guru’s older brother touched him, Guru’s body became exceedingly hot and turned red. “Please leave me alone, or one of us may die.” Guru said. “If anyone disturbs me or my things at midnight, I will have to meditate for 20 years, but if all goes well, I will meditate for 6 years.” Then Guru, followed by his brother, and at a distance by the villagers set out to find a good meditation place in the forest. His parents insisted he take some food and water with him. Finally, he reached his destination at 11:00 AM on May 18, 2005. This was the day the villagers of Ratanpuri celebrated Buddha Jayanti.

First tree

He settled himself under a pipal tree, having offered 10 kinds of fruit to the picture of Buddha. About 30 villagers saw where Guru was meditating, and they left an offering of over a thousand rupees as was the custom at Buddha Jayanti. On that night at 12:00, some pranksters came to disturb Guru and steal the offering. They quarreled over the money, and later accused each other later in front of the villagers. Having confessed, they asked Guru’s forgiveness. So Guru left the first meditation place and went north on the 24th of May, 2005. At that time he gave six pipal leaves to his second elder brother telling him to keep them in oil. He said that as long as his family kept the leaves, all would be well. His relatives cried when he left.Again the villagers were concerned about Guru’s whereabouts, and in the late afternoon, a cowherd had seen him in his new meditation site. The villagers sent some of his family to go and bring him home. But Guru refused and moved to another pipal tree in the east.

Second Tree

Guru told his family that he must continue to meditate at all costs. He drew a boundary around his meditation area, and the villagers and his relatives built a fence for him. More and more crowds gathered at the site, so Guru ordered that a hut be built and sealed with plastic on all sides wherein he remained for 15 days. After that Guru said, “I have received some energy so that I may now meditate under a tree outside. There was a terrible drought in the village. Guru told them to pray to a snake god and after 5 days, it started raining. In the 75th day of meditation, he opened the eyes and asked his elder brother to call him by the words "Om Namo Buddha Gyani". He returned to his meditation. Since that day he was addressed as "Om Namo Buddha Gyani" (Salute to the one who knows Buddha.) On August 18, 2005, Guru called together his friends who were lamas. They asked him how it was that Guru was surviving without water. Guru replied that two snake gods protected him from either side. That day Guru also changed his clothes and wore a white cloth called Ngag.

Sheshha Naga and the Snakebite

On November 6, 2005 The snake god Sheshha Naga granted Guru an audience that Guru might achieve the level of a Bodhisattva. Shessha Naga then bit Guru, and Guru’s body was poisoned. Guru sweated more than two liters while he continued to meditate, and thus he overcame the poison. Guru’s followers believe that on that day he was enlightened, for the Bodhisattva has the ability to survive attached to a tree, soil and stone, to digest snake poison, to be unaffected by the wind and to understand the language of all creatures.
On November 8, 2005, Guru told the people that he did not have the energy of a Buddha, and he asked them not to publicize him as an incarnation of Buddha.
On November 11, 2005 a bright light appeared shining from Guru’s head. His followers cried with joy and became even more fervent. “Leave me in peace, and there will soon be peace in the country,” Guru said. However crowds ever increased and people chanted and set up a market place, according to Radio HBC 94 FM who visited the site on December 10, 2005.
The crowds were kept at a distance of about 50 meters. All witnesses claimed that Guru neither ate, drank or left to relieve himself. He just sat and meditated under the pipal tree. Baffled onlookers were ever increasing. There were stories of miracles: a girl and a young man had gained the power of speech although they could not speak.

On March 11, 2006 Guru disappeared from the site leaving his clothes behind. At first everyone feared he had been abducted. However he was found on December 25, 2006. “There was no peace.” Guru said. “I have been wondering in the forests since then. I am engaged in devotion which will continue for 6 years.” After returning to his meditation site for a couple of months, he again disappeared on the 11th of March, 2007.
Two weeks later he was found again. He asked his followers to build him a meditation area underground. He meditated there for 3 months before resurfacing to make a speech. Since then, Guru has continued to meditate and is now in his third year. He gave audience and blessed his devotees with a vajra toward the end of October 2007.